Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Papers and Publications

Directory of On-line Journals 2012 of the National Library of India

The National Library, in its systematic upgrade, introduced online resources for its users in April 2010. Online journals of reputable publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Sage Publication, American Chemical Society, and aggregators’ products such as Project Muse and Hein Online were acquired first. These were followed by journals of Emerald Group, Springer, Indian E-reference of Cambridge University Press was introduced and later references of Oxford University Press, ProQuest were added to the collection. Currently, the library possesses about 6500 online journals and 2.7 million full-text dissertation and thesis, an archive of 125,000 e-books (Early English Books Online) along with other online references.

The National Library of India is the first public library in the country to introduce e-books. It is the constant endeavour of the library to increase its readership by providing simple and smooth access to its resources. In this direction, the first initiative was taken with a massive online campaign to popularize the resources of the library among the faculties of different academic institutions. The directory will be made available both in soft and hard form to the users and will be uploaded to the website of the library as well. It is believed that the directory will be immensely helpful to the users and save their precious time.

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